The First Day at Camp Autumn

The First Day at Camp Autumn

Tires slowly crackle over the gravel as the bus wheels begin to turn onto the driveway toward camp. There’s a large pole barn, adorned with a banner welcoming our campers to summer memories they won’t soon forget. Off in the distance is the lake – 30 acres, in fact, where our children will enjoy swimming and kayaking and fishing and more. The sun shines overhead and the excitement builds. Everyone is a little nervous, but it’s a good nervous. The kind of butterflies you feel when you ride your bike without training wheels for the first time or take your first jump off of the diving board.

We feel the butterflies too. And it’s because we are so excited for each of our kids.

It has arrived.

This is the day we open our doors to some very special campers for the very first time. 

This is where you’ll find us Monday through Friday all summer long.

This is the landscape we imagined. Only better. 

This is for our children – a space for health, healing, hope, and fun.

This is Camp Autumn.


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