Camp Autumn FAQs

Camp Autumn is for children ages 4-21 who have experienced trauma, abuse, loss, grief, parental substance abuse, divorce of parents, family violence, or those with developmental conditions.

Please email Camp staff at

Camp Autumn is currently available as a day camp during the summer. We do not currently offer overnight camps, but do hope to in the future.

Currently, we do not rent out any part of Camp Autumn for private events.

We are so glad you’ve asked! Please fill out an application on our Career Center page and we will be in contact with you. Ideally, we would like to involve volunteers who have a special skill or talent (such as arts and crafts, gardening, fishing, etc.) and can commit to at least once per week during the summer sessions. Volunteers will work alongside our camp counselors, therapists, and Behavioral Health Intervention Services workers and will not solely be responsible for the children. Due to the nature of our volunteering opportunities, we do require a background check. For additional questions, please email Camp staff at

Camp Autumn gladly accepts donations. For individuals, businesses, or organizations interested in providing monetary donations or donating items from our Camp Wish List, please contact Dan Ries at or 800-242-5101. Monetary donations can also be submitted via our website at Click on the “donate” button in the top right corner.