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Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing

A psychological evaluation assesses an individual’s level of functioning in the areas of cognitive skills, developmental progression, and emotional and behavioral functioning. The evaluation is useful for obtaining a clear diagnosis, assessing a disability, coordinating services with schools, and developing efficacious treatment.

Evaluations are tailored to each individual, but they generally fall into the following categories:


Self-report measures help to clarify personality traits, psychological functioning, and emotional well-being.


Examines a wide-range of brain-related skills, such as general intelligence, attention, memory, language, sensory-motor functioning, and problem-solving skills.


Assesses academic abilities with a focus on determining whether there is a learning disability.


Determines a child’s ability relative to same aged peers.

Psychological evaluations consist of interviews with the individual client and significant others, cognitive testing, and emotional/behavioral assessment.

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