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Foster, Adoptive & Kinship Services

[Foster, Adoptive & Kinship] Services

Foster, Adoptive & Kinship Services

We offer services for foster, adoptive and kinship families that specifically address the challenges and needs of your family while on this journey together.

Seasons supports foster, adoptive and kinship families through services that increase stability and provide necessary resources to allow families to thrive. These services begin with intake and assessments with a Permanency Support Specialist. Once information is gathered on the unique needs of the family, our providers work alongside family members to establish a comprehensive plan that includes therapy and supportive services that are tailored to each family's needs.

What can we help with?

  • Emotional connection to people who have lived experience
  • Support for parents in managing day-to-day living and stressors
  • Information and referral sources that include helping with paperwork
  • Evidence-Based interventions with children to support emotional regulation, coping skills, and trauma-support
  • Advocacy for the whole family including:
    • Financial education
    • Trainings
    • Respite services
    • Coordination with your child's school and IEP
    • Collaboration with your medical/other providers
We want to help you better understand your child's needs and what natural supports are available to you. We want to provide support and encouragement to kids, parents and families as you all navigate your family dynamics. And we want to help you gain the skills and confidence needed to overcome challenges your family may be facing.

What does trauma-informed mean?
We know that trauma experienced by an individual can impact physical, emotional, and mental health, as well as behaviors and engagement in services. Trauma-informed care is an approach, based on knowledge of the impact of trauma, aimed to ensure environments and services are welcoming and engaging for all service recipients.

What evidence-based practices may be used?
Children and their families are provided a safe, therapeutic space to process their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors while gaining skills for healthy coping through therapy. Back by scientific evidence and research proving effectiveness, the following evidence-based modalities may be utilized by our therapist:

Permanency Support | Family Peer EBPs:

  • Parents and Children Together (PACT)
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Seeking Safety
  • National Adoption Competency Training
  • W.I.S.E. Up!

Office-Based Therapy EBPs:

  • Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Theraplay
  • Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)
  • Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

What is permanency?
When children are placed in out-of-home care (also called foster or kinship care), it is important that child welfare agencies secure safe, permanent homes for them as quickly as possible. In most circumstances, children can be reunited with their families, but in some cases children find homes with relatives or adoptive families. When helping children and families achieve permanency, child welfare professionals must balance an array of issues, including the specific needs of the child and the family, as well as legal requirements. 

What support services are available?

  • Foster, Adoption & Kinship Specific Support and Education
  • Family Peer Support
  • Referral Connections
  • Community Resources
  • Crisis Management
  • Advocacy
  • Education/School Services
  • Respite Opportunities
  • Behavioral Management
  • Support Groups
  • Trainings

Our Permanency Support Specialists provide evidence-based services that are family-centered to best resolve the challenges that families may face.  

Our Family Peer provides lived experience and walks alongside foster, adoptive and kinship families to support each family through their individualized journey.

 “My kids love playing in the space at the Family Resource Center and their (Permanency Support Specialist) has been such a blessing to our family. I love being able to process with her and know I’m not alone in my parenting struggles. Her knowledge, kindness, and compassion have been an incredible gift in this season of life.”

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