Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Seasons Center and its providers practice a comprehensive, person-centered approach to caring for clients.

  • Seasons Center believes that each individual, family, group, or couple are treated with the utmost respect in their care.
  • Seasons Center believes that recovery is self-directed, individualized, and person-centered.
  • Seasons Center aims to help empower clients by utilizing a strengths-based and value-based approach that instills hope, respect, and responsibility to the client’s own care and direction in their lives.
  • Seasons Center uses evidence-based practices, which means our approaches are backed by scientific evidence and research proving effectiveness.
  • Seasons Center’s approach is trauma-informed, which means we realize how trauma affects individuals and groups, recognize the signs of trauma, have a system with which to respond to trauma, and resist re-traumatization in our care.
  • Seasons Center believes and practices strict privacy and confidentiality practices.
  • Seasons Center honors our client’s journey and advocates on their behalf whenever possible.
  • Season Center is building a culture where difference is valued and people feel safe, respected, and accepted. We can’t promise we will always get it right, but we are dedicated to improving this internally. We commit to purposeful change that is influenced by the diverse voices of our employees, clients, and communities. 


Guiding individuals and families towards a meaningful and fulfilling life.


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