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Outpatient Counseling & Therapy Services

Outpatient Counseling & Therapy Services

Seasons provides outpatient therapy services to adults, couples, children, and families. Through these services, individuals are provided a safe, therapeutic space to process their thoughts, feelings and behaviors while gaining skills for healthy coping.

Therapy sessions can focus on an array of individual concerns which may include:
• Coping with the symptoms of mental health disorders such as anxiety or depression
• Building self-esteem and self-efficacy
• Gaining insight into relationships and promoting skills such as conflict resolution and communication
• Dealing with strong emotions such as anger and gaining skills that promote self-regulation
• Coping with traumatic or life-altering events
• Supporting in making difficult or confusing decisions

Through a therapeutic partnership, our clinicians and clients create a plan that best meets the individual’s needs while highlighting their existing strengths and assets.

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Seasons provides free 24 hour crisis assistance with trained counselors available to help with life’s challenges and hardships. To speak to a crisis counselor call (844) 345-4569.

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Seasons Center for Behavioral Health has 13 office locations across northwest Iowa.  We service a 19-county region through in-person and telehealth visits.  Enter a city name or zip code to find the location nearest you. Learn more.